Hazelnut Nougat   Dream Cream

Smooth, vegan, hazelnut chocolate spread, and THE brand product of Lianicious – Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream was developed over the course of two years to get just the right consistency, smoothness and flavor. The Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream leaves you wanting seconds every time. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. While it´s perfect as topping on banana bread, muffins or pancakes, there’s nothing stopping you from indulging in a spoonful. You can smell, taste and enjoy the hazelnuts in every bite.

The Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream is also your go-to for making your very own chocolates/pralines at home. Simply pour the liquid delight that is the Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream in a silicon form and leave in your freezer overnight to indulge with your coffee the next morning. Sharing is allowed, but you are not gonna want to, believe me!

As always, the Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream is a vegan, gluten-, and industrial sugar-free product.

Raw Cakes

Lianicious raw cakes are, as indicated – ALWAYS vegan, gluten-free and industrial sugar-free. Every time I develop a new recipe, my top priorities are to use high-quality ingredients which offer an explosion of flavors, while ensuring that vitamins and minerals are contained. Healthy, tasty options which are pleasing to the eye is my end goal.

For the raw cake base, I vary between dried fruits, oats and nuts, while the cream layers are mostly made of cashews. The specific flavor is a result of variations which include for example raspberries, blueberries or oranges. See below to find your favorite!



I have tried so many versions but this homemade, crunchy, gluten-free and vegan almond-coconut Granola is the best! Our casa is never without it. Made with whole grains, unrefined oil and naturally sweetened. Once you try it, you won’t go back to store-bought.

Banana Bread

Fluffy vegan & gluten-free banana bread topped with homemade hazelnut butter. It’s moist, flavorful and sure to be a hit with the whole family! As always 100% natural ingredients.

After a lot of experimentations, this banana bread is definitely the winner. Nevertheless, I like to replace the oat flour which I normally always use, with the peanut butter & banana breakfast oats from Iswari.

A great snack or breakfast!​

Raw Bites

Lianicious Raw Bites and Slices are the perfect option for your everyday dessert, or to satisfy your cravings for something sweet along with your coffee or tea. The different variations are a nod to your preferences as you can choose from for example coconut, caramel or chocolate options. Keeping in tradition with the Lianicious way, the Raw Bites and Slices are vegan, gluten-, and industrial sugar-free.

Dream Cream

Wanting to create something new to offer the Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream fans, I combined one of my favorite citrus fruits, organic oranges with white almonds. After a number of experiments to find the right consistency and taste, the Almond Orange Dream Cream came to be. The white almonds ensure a sweet and mild taste, while the organic orange peel intensifies this explosion of flavors.

Almonds contain all things good for you: magnesium, plant-based protein, calcium and vitamin B. In other words, if you are looking for stress-relief, you will find it in a jar of Almond Orange Dream Cream! Also available as a chocolate option with organic cacao upon request.



"A while ago I tasted the Hazelnut Nougat Dream Cream for the first time and it was the beginning of a great love story. Not only does it taste so amazing, but I also feel zero guilt enjoying every bite of it, as everything in it is organic and vegan. You can taste the love and dedication that Sabina puts into everything she does."
"I strive to eat healthy every day, and have been inspired multiple times by the delicious, vegan options Lianicious has to offer. My absolute favorite is the crunchy Granola. You can smell and taste the Almond-Coconut flavor in every bite. "