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Food was always a prominent tradition in my family, but desserts always took center stage. Needing to improve my diet, I was faced with challenges navigating in unknown territories: vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes readily available, but leaving me questioning if the taste would be to my liking? Avoiding sweet desserts was never the solution, finding a healthier option was what I set out to discover. Although I researched, ordered, tried – there was always something missing. That lack of satisfaction is what brought me to where I am today – wanting to create tasty, healthy options pleasing to the eye.

Firmly believing that people with dietary restrictions, and those wanting to increase their awareness of their diet in general, should not have to do without their favorite desserts, I realized that creating a healthier option of Nutella, Bounty, Tiramisu, etc. is definitely possible! What started off as a challenge became a true passion which resulted in a career change. After a decade in the corporate world as a business manager and having experimented for two years and tried out dozens of recipes, I found myself in Italy, and its eternal city, Rome, where I gained my qualification as a Raw Vegan Chef. Turns out that my love for desserts was the starting and not the end point. 

The most flattering compliment to this day is that people not obliged by dietary restrictions can´t imagine going back to the industrial products they once used to eat. Lianicious stands for the tastier, healthier option – greatly inspired by my very own mini sous-chef since 2020, my son Lian. 

Over the years, I have supported friends and family discover new flavors and use seasonal ingredients to develop their skills in the kitchen. I hope Lianicious will be a source of inspiration for your vegan culinary traditions. Enjoy!


"A while ago I tasted NOTella for the first time and it was the beginning of a great love story. NOT only does it taste so amazing, but I also feel cero guilt enjoying every bite of it, as everything in it is organic and vegan. You can taste the love and dedication that Sabina puts into everything she does."
"I strive to eat healthy every day, and have been inspired multiple times by the delicious, vegan options Lianicious has to offer. My absolute favorite is the crunchy Granola. You can smell and taste the Almond-Coconut flavor in every bite. "