Baked Apples

What I love about baked apples is you still get the sweet tooth fix, without all of the extra calories. Inspired by the bosnian dessert „Tufahija“: walnut-stuffed apples. This is the healthier version: vegan and without industrial sugar.


Here is the super easy recipe:

6 Apples
2 Carrots
40 gr. Walnuts
40 gr. Pecan 
1/2 Cup steel-cut oats 
2 Medjool dates
1/4 Maple syrup (less work for me as well)
1 tbsp. Organic orange zest
Juice of half an orange or more 
A splash of plant based milk (if needed) 
Pinch of salt

Made with oats, nuts, carrots and dates. They are the type of wholesome treat that you can feel good about giving to your family.


Adjust the Ingredients to your linking. The filling should be juicy in the end.


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